Specialty 125 - Cybersecurity


Specialty 125 - Cybersecurity (CS) is a direction that is associated with the development, implementation, implementation and management of integrated software and hardware information security systems in an institution (company, enterprise). In addition, this area is also associated with the creation and audit of computer systems that affect the safety of transport, energy, medical and other complexes.

There are two specializations in this specialty:

Experts in the field of cybersecurity have basic knowledge and skills in applying the legislative framework in the field of information and functional security, developing technologies and means of information protection, using standard and designing new cryptographic algorithms for protecting information in computer systems and networks, implementing an information protection system in information and communication systems in accordance with standards, the development and implementation of policies and information security management systems. In addition, specialists in this area gain knowledge and skills in assessing and providing the FB of computer systems for highly responsible systems. Specialists in the field of cybersecurity are looking at issues such as: security of operating systems and databases, systems for technical protection of information, antivirus protection, security of Web services and Cloud systems, security of network communications.

The uniqueness of this specialty lies in the fact that graduates receive not only basic knowledge and skills in computer (software, programmable and network) technologies sufficient for the successful work of a modern IT specialist, but also professional training in the field of security of information systems and communications.

Students studying in the direction of Cybersecurity acquire knowledge and skills that enable them:

  • programming using various languages ​​and technologies and create secure software;
  • apply national and international standards for assessing the security of information technology in the design, develop regulatory and methodological materials for the organization of information security;
  • to develop and evaluate enterprise models and security policies based on the application of modern principles, methods and methods of the theory of protected systems;
  • develop and apply cryptographic algorithms and protocols to protect information;
  • implement information security systems in information and communication systems;
  • apply methods and means of countering the unauthorized receipt of information;
  • to develop a system of management (management) of information security of the organization (enterprise);
  • analyze and evaluate the functional safety of information management systems;
  • apply modern technologies of artificial intelligence, big data, etc. in the tasks of IT security.

The uniqueness of the specialty when teaching at the department is that graduates receive not only basic knowledge and skills in programming technologies, hardware and network tools, sufficient for a professional IT specialist, but also special training in the field of computer systems security.

This allows them to be hired by both developers of software, computer systems and networks, as well as administrators of information security of various organizations, developers of software and hardware for cryptographic protection, in key certification centers, etc.

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