Scientific and technical seminar "СriCTecS"

Since May 31, 2001, the department of computer systems, networks and cyber ​​security has been operating a permanent All-Ukrainian Scientific and Technical Seminar «Critical Computer Technologies and Systems».

The purpose of the СriCTecS workshop:

  • exchange of information and discussion of results of research and engineering developments in the field of critical computer technologies and their commercial applications;
  • intensification of the introduction of scientific and technical development and software in computer systems of aerospace, energy and other complexes of critical application;
  • Selection of scientific and technical materials for publication in special issues of the collections of KhAI works.

Directions of the СriCTecS seminar:

  • systematic analysis of reliability, survivability and safety of critical application complexes;
  • methods and tools for assessing and ensuring fault tolerance and survivability of VLSI architectures (FPGAs, processor matrices, etc.) and embedded real-time control systems;
  • modeling, analysis and technologies of development of fault-tolerant and catastrophic local, corporate and global computer networks;
  • methods and tools for testing, verifying and certifying computer tools, systems, networks and technologies;
  • methods and tools of modeling, reliability estimation and technology of creation of fault-tolerant software;
  • methods of risk analysis and management in software engineering and critical projects;
  • computer systems and technologies for monitoring technical and environmental safety;
  • algebraic methods and technology-oriented design of algorithms and programs;
  • computer technologies, systems and projects.

Meetings of the scientific and technical seminar are held monthly at the Department of Computer Systems, Networks and Cyber ​​Security.

We invite you to participate in the seminar of teachers, researchers, graduate students, engineers, students, developers of computer systems and technologies.