Head of Department
Honored Inventor of Ukraine, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor
Scientific interests: theoretical foundations, development methods and technologies,
verification and examination
Guaranteed IT systems and infrastructures


Dear applicant - a graduate of a school, college, college!

You are at the beginning of your life path, successes on which are determined by the correct answer to the difficult question: how to choose a specialty, department and university for education?

In our opinion, in order to make your choice correctly, you need to answer three questions

  1. Do I want to get an education in computer (software, software, hardware, network) technologies, do I like such specialties?
  2. How promising are they, can I have an interesting and well-paid job after studying at this department and university?
  3. What are the guarantees that I will receive a quality education at the selected department and university, recognized throughout the world?

The answer to the first question can be made by you after reading information about our specialties. We are always ready to explain to you their features and advantages. They are based on three “components” (software, software, hardware and network technologies), and this is their strength and uniqueness. You will be able to make the choice of specialization for deeper development consciously, having studied the basic disciplines and technologies during the first 2-3 years of training. Let's just say one thing: if you have already been fascinated by computer technology, programming, Internet services and you feel interest in them, this is your choice.

The answer to the second question is simple. Computer technology is a dynamic technology. Our specialties are the most popular in Ukraine and the world. The need for our specialists is satisfied by no more than 20-30%, it is growing and will grow throughout the world. You can verify this by going to any site with information about vacant places. In terms of salary, our graduates are unparalleled. In addition, our weighty argument is effective cooperation with IT companies from different countries, victories in competitions, start-up contests, hackathons.

And third, we guarantee a high European level of preparation (see the section "Arguments and Facts"). One condition: you will work diligently and intensively with us.

Thus, for all components (whether promising, interesting, highly paid specialties of our department), the firm answer is YES!

One more thing. Now many technical and even humanitarian specialties are advertised as computer. However, it is one thing to use a computer as a tool (this is important in any industry), another is to professionally study, develop and implement computer technologies, systems and networks.

Therefore, our advice is to look at the list and volume of disciplines of the curriculum of the chosen specialty, do not buy a "pig in a poke" Choose our specialties and be successful!

Sincerely, V.S. Kharchenko



Many years of positive experience working with graduates of schools and technical schools. A full cycle is provided: - preparation for admission, including industrial and undergraduate practice, the provision of training materials, participation in KhAI conferences, consultations; - budget and contract recruitment in a separate group, adaptation of programs

Over the past five years, the largest number of technical school graduates among Ukrainian universities have been accepted to the department for a reduced budget form of training (bachelor in computer engineering - 3 years)

The unique material base of the department, including:

  • software tools (modern licensed products for basic technologies);
  • hardware (microprocessors, microcontrollers, FPGAs Altera, Actel);
  • network tools (network software and hardware D-Link, Cisco, sensor networks);
  • grid and cloud clusters (for real study, experimentation and research);
  • Internet of Things

Over 5 years, more than two million hryvnias have been spent on the purchase of modern software, network and hardware, multimedia equipment. Created modern laboratories for critical computing, cloud, mobile and green information technologies, IoT

Long-term relationships with leading IT companies in Kharkov and Ukraine provide:

  • 100 percent employment for a prestigious and well-paid job;
  • obtaining practical IT skills in the learning process;
  • joint development and adaptation of hightech solutions;
  • practical support in organizing student startups

In recent years, for students at the department, IT company experts conducted optional free training courses on methods and technologies for testing software systems, developing distributed applications and Cloud Computing, technologies Python, Java4BigData, etc., centers of companies EPAM, CISCO were opened

Long-term practice of international cooperation:

  • effective 10-year research, technological and educational cooperation with universities, centers and IT companies in the UK, Italy, USA, Sweden, etc .;
  • annual exchange, internships, school-seminars, trainings;
  • implementation of projects funded by the European Union and national funds

Joint Master's programs with City University London. Over the course of three years, more than twenty teachers and students have visited foreign universities, STCs, and IT companies. 5 international projects supported by the EEC are being implemented. Winter and summer training schools for students and graduate students

Real success of students and graduates:

  • victories in national and international olympiads, startup competitions, grant programs;
  • successful business and continued cooperation and support of the department - indicator number 1, adopted in the world;
  • training in sports programming (before entering for schoolchildren and students of technical schools) to prepare for the Olympiad of programmers, conducted by experienced IT trainers

Over the past 5 years, about 20 grants have been received for participating in international trainings on the theory and technologies of software verification, parallel computing, and cybersecurity. Every year, student teams of the department participate and win in more than 10 Olympiads of the All-Ukrainian and international levels

The composition of professors and teachers who have unique theoretical knowledge and practical experience related to the development, verification and operation of software and hardware systems and network solutions for medical systems, aerospace systems, nuclear power plants, smart homes, web and cloud systems, etc. More than half of teachers conduct classes in English

Every year, teachers of the department receive 5 - 6 individual grants for research and development in the field of smart systems, guaranteed web services and Cloud. Training is in English. Work Student Security System Club, Club on Communication in IT, etc.

KhAI has a convenient and beautiful campus:

  • compact accommodation of dormitories, educational buildings, sports arenas;
  • the campus is located in a forested area, has excellent ecology and intensive transport links with the center of Kharkov

KhAI is a unique university with an interesting history and rich traditions, the capital of KVN. 

This allows:

  • save more than 3000 UAH for transport per year, 1 hour per day for sleep and rest, improve the quality of life and study;
  • if necessary, drive to the city center in 20 minutes (10 routes);
  • KhAI students to be the most healthy, smartest and funniest