Научно-технический семинар «КриКТехС»

На кафедре компьютерных систем и сетей c 31 мая 2001 работает постоянно действующий Всеукраинский научно-технический семинар «Критические компьютерные технологии и системы».

«Sports programming and Algorithms» elective course

Goals: Preparing KhAI entrants and students for various competitions and Olympics on programming, algorithmic improvement of practical training of young programmers, and the fundamental teaching of theoretical training in the algorithms to the best American and European universities level.

Youth Scientific Seminar

Youth scientific seminar on modern information technology was created on the initiative of Professor Kharchenko, V.S., the Head of Computer Systems and Networks Department of National Airspace University named after N.E. Zhukovskiy “KhAI” with the participation of the youth group of the department, in early 2007.

CrISS Workshop

The CrISS workshop evolved from the conference Dependable Systems, Services & Technologies DESSERT 2006-2010

DESSERT Conference

DESSERT Conference – DEpendable System, SERvices and Technologies. 

Meeting of International Student Safety&Security Club

Information and communication technologies have significantly changed the way I&C systems are operating. I&Cs are challenged by new threats and exposed to new risks.