Training materials

Here you can find the materials which have been prepared in the frame of the CABRIOLET project.

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It is dedicated for university students studying in the areas of information technology and starting practical activities, university specialists and IT industry, which will take part in organizing and increasing the efficiency of university-industrial cooperation, as well as for teachers who have classes on appropriate courses.

Volume 1. The principles and models of cooperation between universities and the IT industry are proposed, in particular models for support of outsourcing business, certification services, R & D business, the creation of startup and spin-off companies. The relevant protocols are described and cases of university-industrial cooperation of the universities and institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine are analyzed.

UIC_Volume 1_Model-oriented approach. Practical cases

Volume 2. The theoretical bases, methods, algorithms, software tools and recommendations for using the knowledge-oriented decision-making system for choosing cooperation models of universities and IT companies are presented. Recommendations for using existing tools for such a choice are formulated.

UIC_Volume 2_Intellectual knowledge-based decision-making system

Volume 3. The theoretical bases and principals of development and implementation of tools for support of university and IT industry companies cooperation as well as for creation and evolvement of startups are presented. The stages of development and features of the functioning of the communication web-portal are described. Recommendations on practical use in the implementation of different models of cooperation are given.

UIC_Volume 3_Web-portal. Operational roadmap

Volume 4. The training materials on providing knowledge and working out of practical skills of organization and implementation of successful cooperation between universities and the IT industry are presented. The training is grouped into four content modules for the development of strategy and usage of cooperation support software tools, assessment of universities and IT companies and the choosing of cooperation models using the intellectual decision-making system, methodological and technological support for model-oriented interaction between universities and business, forecasting development of cooperation and development of training programs in regional ecosystems.

UIC_Volume 4_Capaсity Building.Trainings


Here you can find available free previews of some additional materials developed in the frame of Tempus CABRIOLET project made in form of trainings, monographs, etc.