Postgraduate studies

 The entrance exam to graduate school is in accordance with the "Rules for admission to graduate school and doctoral studies of the National Aerospace University. M.E. Zhukovsky “Kharkov Aviation Institute in 2019” in the form of an individual written professional exam, which is taken by an examination commission in a particular specialty, the composition of which is approved by order of the rector of the university. The results of a professional exam are determined on a 5-point scale.

 The program includes the main sections of special disciplines taught to students of the National Aerospace University. M.E. Zhukovsky "Kharkov Aviation Institute" educational qualification level specialist, educational foot master with specialties in the field of "Information Technology": 121 - Software Engineering, 122 - Computer Science and Information Technology, 123 - Computer Engineering, 125 - Cybersecurity.
   The program was prepared with the participation of design teams of the departments "Computer Systems, Networks and Cybersecurity", "Software Engineering", "Information Control Systems", discussed and approved at a meeting of the academic council of the university.

You can download the program for 123 - Computer Engineering here.

You can download the program for 125 - Cybersecurity here.