About the project

Project goals and objectives:

The goal of this project is to respond to society’s request for highly qualified electronics and computation specialists by introducing a new integrated modeling-oriented approach for unimpeded and efficient evolutionary cooperation and connection between educational institutions and industry up to 2016. The idea of this project complies with the Ukrainian universities development strategy, such as “The State program to revitalize the economy up to 2014” and “Concepts of science and innovation policy in the higher education system of Ukraine for 2012-2016 time period”.

Goals of the project:

  • to implement modeling-oriented approach for efficient cooperation between educational institutions and industry up to 2016;
  • to develop an intellectual knowledge-based system for modeling-oriented approach support up to 2016;
  • to develop a cloud-web-portal as connection mechanism between cooperating sides up to 2016;
  • to organize intense capacity-building actions based on 3 training units up to 2016.

Areas of activities:

  • communication web-portal development;
  • development of intellectual decision support systems for modeling-oriented approach support;
  • a set of actions to disseminate information about project implementation.


  • University of Newcastle, UK
  • Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
  • University of Coimbra, Portugal
  • Kritivea S.r.I., Italy
  • Inertia Digital SL, Spain
  • National Aerospace University "Kharkiv Aviation Institute", Ukraine
  • Odessa National Technical University, Ukraine
  • Chernihiv State Technological University, Ukraine
  • The Black Sea State University. Peter Graves, Ukraine
  • Chernivtsi National University. Yuri Fedkovych
  • Sevastopol National Technical University
  • Institute of Cybernetics. Glushkov National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine
  • The Association of Information Technology Enterprises of Ukraine, Ukraine
  • SilPoint LLC, Ukraine
  • The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Ukraine