Specialty 123 - Computer Engineering

Specialty 123 - Computer Engineering (also known as computer system engineering) - study, which combines computer science and computer technology.

Computer engineers - are specialists who have fundamental and professional training on three pillars - the three «whales», on which modern information technologies are based, that are software, programmable (hardware) and network (communication) pillars. This allows them to feel free in the various branches of the IT industry: in the development of software systems or multi-core microprocessor systems and programmable systems on chips, wireless and mobile systems, distributed computing, network communications.

As part of computer engineering studying students receive in-depth knowledge and good practical skills in the following technologies:

  • system programming and multithreaded distributed Internet applications development (C++, C#, Java, Python), Web-programming (PHP, Java Script, HTML, XML, MySQL);
  • computer and sensor networks, Wi-Fi, configuration and administration of network equipment (Cisco); programming in TCP/IP networks;
  • database development and administration, Big Data technology (Oracle, MS-SQL, MySQL, NoSQL);
  • server operating systems and services administration and setup (Linux, MS Windows), Cloud-computing OpenStack, Amazon, Azure;
  • development of embedded microprocessor systems and applications based on the technology of programmable logic and HDL-language special automation equipment design Quartus, Labview etc.;
  • programming of mobile devices running Android, iOS, Windows Phone;
  • software testing and verification, load and stress testing of Internet applications (Quality Assurance, Unit Testing, jmeter).

Do you want to become a successful programmer, successful IT-specialist? Computer engineering specialty can provide you with strong base, ‘cause it allows not only to learn programming languages and technology, but to understand their work in interaction, «at depth», to become a real «conductor of the computer orchestra.».