Cisco Networking Academy

Cisco Networking Academy Based on Computer Systems and Networks department at "KhAI" lyceum

Cisco Networking Academy Based on Computer Systems and Networks department at «KhAI» lyceum official opening took place in November of 2013. Now students of Computer Systems and Networks department and KhAI lyceum may receive basic PC ITEssentials training in hardware and software basics. This event is considered to be an upturn in enhancement of student training level, because students will get an international certificate in addition to their diploma upon completion their education. The following list contains main advantages of participation in the Cisco Networking Academy:

  • All study materials and tests are being updated by Cisco experts
  • The program contains different level courses from IT basics to professional network technologies course
  • Practical orientation of courses
  • More than 50% of the academies are teaching as part of the educational process
  • Instructors receive special training
  • All courses lead to certification exams
  • Academy graduates receive certification exams preferential treatment conditions.

Cisco Networking Academy works in Ukraine since autumn of 1999. Information about networking academies in Ukraine is available here:

For more information about academy students certification go to:, ITEssentials course prepares listeners for CompTIA certificate exams for working in the three following areas:

  • Visiting IT-engineer (220-602)
  • Remote support engineer (220-603)
  • In-house maintenance engineer (220-604)

Today Ukraine has more than 195 regional academies, including universities, colleges and schools of Kyiv, Kharkiv and Kharkiv region, Lviv, Donetsk and other cities.

Cisco Academies press releases in Ukraine can be found here:

Cisco also holds annual competitions, including ones for networking academies students, the winners of which are awarded by prizes, travels, and free education possibilities for higher certification levels.

The further academy development will allow implementation of higher level CCNA Discovery/Exploration certification programs./p>