Cybersecurity of industrial systems

How to make (develop, verify and implement) secure embedded firmware, cloud (cloud, fog and dew) systems, the Internet of things for industrial applications (transport, medicine, ecology, smart homes and cities, energy, ...)? How to test vulnerabilities, master unique pentesting and whitehat hacking technologies?

Specialization of CIS will help you find the answers and become one of the most sought-after specialists in the world of IT engineering.


The main disciplines:

  • Programming technology;
  • Applied Cryptology;
  • Computer network security;
  • Industrial Internet of Things
  • Systems of technical protection of information;
  • Security of operating and web systems;
  • Functional safety of information management systems;
  • Organization and security of databases;
  • Embedded Security
  • IT Security Standards;
  • Cloud and IoT security
  • Blockchain technology;
  • Pentesting and ethical (white) hacking (unique course)

The uniqueness of training at our department is that graduates receive not only basic knowledge and skills in programming technologies, hardware and network tools, sufficient for a professional IT specialist, but also special training in the field of computer systems security.

This allows them to be hired by both developers of software, computer systems and networks, as well as administrators of information security of various organizations, developers of software and hardware for cryptographic protection, in key certification centers, etc.

For the first time and we are the first to give unique courses on Big data security, blockchain security, penetration testing and ethical hacking.