Kholodna Zoia

Senior Lecturer at the Department of Computer Systems, Networks and Cybersecurity Radio Electronics, Computer Systems and Infocommunications Faculty of the National Aerospace University named by M.E. Zhukovsky ("KhAI") 

[email protected]



Graduated from Kharkiv Aviation Institute named by M.E. Zhukovsky "KhAI" in 1979 as a mathematical engineer.

FPK of National Aerospace University named by M,E, Zhukovsky "Kharkiv Aviation Institute", topic: "Information protection with the help of stegosystem", certificate of PC 12 SPV 089354 from 30.05.2015.


Research interests:

  • Discrete Math
  • Computer Graphics


Social activities: 

  • Curator of the student group


Providing academic disciplines:

  • "Discrete Math"



Kholodny M.F, Kholodna Z.B Fundamentals of set theory. Teaching. manual. - Kharkiv: KhAI, 2005.

Zheltukhin A.V, Kulanov V.O, Kholodna Z.B, Kholodny M.F Logical algebras and systems, Teaching. manual. - H.: Nat. Aerospace University "KhAI", 2009. - 36 p. Code: 519.

ICTM’2016: UDC 519.01, System of step-by-step demonstration of optimization graphs algorithms. E.V. Baev student of the department. 503; Nechausov S.M, senior lecture of dep. 503; Kholodna Z.B, senior teacher of dep. 503.

ICTM’2020 UDC 004.627, Step-by-step demonstration of the Lempel-Ziva-Welch data compression algorithm. V.I Zhdanov, student 515b; Kholodna Z.B., senior lecture of dep. 503.

ICTM’2020 UDC 511.21 Search of all prime numbers on a given interval. Filatov EO, student 515b; senior lecture of dep. 503.