Kholodna Zoia

Senior Lecturer at the Department of Computer Systems, Networks and Cybersecurity Radio Electronics, Computer Systems and Infocommunications Faculty of the National Aerospace University named by M.E. Zhukovsky ("KhAI")



Graduated from Kharkiv Aviation Institute named by M.E. Zhukovsky "KhAI" in 1979 as a mathematical engineer.

FPK of National Aerospace University named by M,E, Zhukovsky "Kharkiv Aviation Institute", topic: "Information protection with the help of stegosystem", certificate of PC 12 SPV 089354 from 30.05.2015.


Research interests:

  • Discrete Math
  • Computer Graphics


Social activities: 

  • Curator of the student group


Providing academic disciplines:

  • "Discrete Math"



Kholodny M.F, Kholodna Z.B Fundamentals of set theory. Teaching. manual. - Kharkiv: KhAI, 2005.

Zheltukhin A.V, Kulanov V.O, Kholodna Z.B, Kholodny M.F Logical algebras and systems, Teaching. manual. - H.: Nat. Aerospace University "KhAI", 2009. - 36 p. Code: 519.

ICTM’2016: UDC 519.01, System of step-by-step demonstration of optimization graphs algorithms. E.V. Baev student of the department. 503; Nechausov S.M, senior lecture of dep. 503; Kholodna Z.B, senior teacher of dep. 503.

ICTM’2020 UDC 004.627, Step-by-step demonstration of the Lempel-Ziva-Welch data compression algorithm. V.I Zhdanov, student 515b; Kholodna Z.B., senior lecture of dep. 503.

ICTM’2020 UDC 511.21 Search of all prime numbers on a given interval. Filatov EO, student 515b; senior lecture of dep. 503.