Stadnyk (Orekhova) Anastasiia Oleksandrivna

PhD, Senior Lecturer, Department of computer systems, networks and cybersecurity Faculty of radioelectronics, computer systems and infocommunications National aerospace university «KhAI»

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2010 - She graduated from the National Aerospace University. ME Zhukovsky "KHAI", Kharkiv (with honors) and received a full higher education in "Computer Systems and Networks" and qualified as an analyst in computer communications.

2014 - She was awarded the degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences in Information Technology.


Research interests:

  • Software quality
  • Human-machine interaction
  • Information and control systems
  • Critical computing
  • VR and AR Technologies
  • Computer graphics and design


Social activities: 


Providing academic disciplines:

  • "Programming Technologies"
  • "Design of embedded aerospace systems (AR/VR)"
  • "Computer graphics and design"



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Orekhov A., Stadnik A., Kharchenko V. (2019) Cooperative Ecology Human–Machine Interfaces for Safe Intelligent Transport Systems: Cloud-Based Software Case. In: Kharchenko V., Kondratenko Y., Kacprzyk J. (eds) Green IT Engineering: Social, Business and Industrial Applications. Studies in Systems, Decision and Control, vol 171. Springer, Cham. 



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