Youth Scientific Seminar

Youth scientific seminar on modern information technology was created on the initiative of Professor Kharchenko, V.S., the Head of Computer Systems and Networks Department (№503) of National Aerospace University named after N.E. Zhukovskiy “KhAI” with the participation of the youth group of the department, in early 2007.

Seminar topic

The range of issues discussed at the seminar is varied. Much attention is paid to the problems of dependability (reliability, security, resilience to faults and attacks) in the information and control systems. Also researches in virtually all areas of modern information technology welcomed, such as:

  • cloud technologies,
  • mobile technologies,
  • green computing,
  • modern software development technologies,
  • banking information technologies,
  • secure storage and processing data technologies,
  • reliable web-services and web-systems,
  • using the COTS-technologies to increase system reliability.

Our aim is to expand this list.

Seminar goals

Opening of the youth scientific seminar had the following objectives:

  1. Familiarization of students and young scientists of the department with works of their colleagues;
  2. Familiarization of students with modern achievements of national and foreign science;
  3. Permanent creative and scientific cooperation between youth of the Department and integration of their efforts in related areas;
  4. Publication of research materials on the Internet done in time, in order to familiarize our colleagues from other universities with the activities of the Department.

Seminar results

Results of the seminar are presented in the form of publications on our  website, everyone can read them in the Archive section.

Seminar operation mode

Seminar operates in continuous operation mode, the session of the seminar is being held at the Department of "Computer systems and networks" (# 503) "KhAI" once in 2-3 weeks (as the formation material for discussion between the parties).

Seminar participants

The main participants of the seminar are students and graduates of the "Computer systems and networks" Department. However, there are no restrictions on participation in the seminar, and we are happy to welcome all students and researchers who want to take part in it. Participation is totally free. To do this you need to send your performance materials (which will be published on the Internet) no later than one week before the next meeting and to receive confirmation of facilitator.

For any questions, please contact the facilitator,  Alexey Furmanov.